300 Lollipops: Mainstream Media Coverage of the Gaza Flotilla Raid

  • Lucy E Marcus Grinnell College


This paper explores the international media coverage of the 2010 Mavi Marmara raid and its implications for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It analyzes samples of Turkish, Israeli, and American mainstream media sources using Gadi Wolfsfelds (2011) concepts of media access, media effects, and drama-driven coverage. This analysis reveals recurrent episodic frames, which employ both the interpersonal and international drama of the raid, as well as a dependence on the voices of political elites and experts. Ultimately, two predominant and competing frames are present in the samplesone that defends and one that condemns the IDFs actionsneither of which address the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The author suggests that this drama-driven, detail-oriented coverage undermined the original intentions of the humanitarian activists aboard the Mavi Marmara who hoped to draw international attention to the deteriorating situation in the Gaza Strip.

Author Biography

Lucy E Marcus, Grinnell College
Fourth year English major and Global Development Studies concentrator.
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