Jana the Biking Beekeeper

  • Sarah Arena


Every morning, Jana Kinsman pulls her bike into Chicago tra c on her way to work. Un- like the other commuters, who are heading to downtown skyscrapers for their 9-5 desk jobs, Kinsman rides her bike to meet her thousands of workers. When she arrives at her South Side destination, she is greeted by a cacophony of buzzing employees. Kinsmans o ce? A community garden. Her desk? A beehive. Kinsman is an urban beekeeper and founder of Bike a Bee, an urban beekeeping initiative that in recent years has worked in community gardens to make honey and teach local communities about bees.

This piece was written based on an inter- view with Jana Kinsman, founder of Bike a Bee. More information about Bike a Bee can be found at its website: www.bikeabee. com, or Facebook page: www.facebook. com/bikeabee.

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