• Ella Williams


In its entirety, its sort of an ode to the prairie and to the way the stark landscapehas the power to fundamentally change ones perspective of the world,and of oneself. The union pacific train had this effect on me and was the subjectof endless reflection.What had this train seen? What other small communities in and beyond theprairie had this train lovingly infiltrated? I wanted to recreate the sounds of thetrain and embody the mystery of it, by writing train. Overall, each song isntmuch on its own. Theyre all pieces that together tell the story of my time inIowafrom the landscape, to the people I met, and ultimately to the decisionto take a semester off to record the album.

"train" and other songs from Ella's debut album can be found at

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Ella Williams
Ella Williams, is a first-year from Boston, MA. She attends Grinnell College and is currently spending her time on developing her first album.
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