Taking STEM Seriously in Iowa

  • Kamyar Enshayan University of Northern Iowa


You cant swing a stick without hitting a STEMhub these days. There is a lot of excitement aroundScience, Technology, Engineering and Math, otherwiseknown as STEM. STEM education is seen as critical;governors are promoting it; legislators are funding it.There is an air of discovery: new understandings thatare coming to us from outer space, from the Mars rovers,and the frontiers of science are being pushed back.There is a feeling that somehow life will be better as aresult of more math and science.

Author Biography

Kamyar Enshayan, University of Northern Iowa

Kamyar Enshayan works at the University ofNorthern Iowas Center for Energy & EnvironmentalEducation in Cedar Falls, Iowa.His formal training has included studiesin mechanical engineering, solar energy,climatology, and agricultural engineering.Working as an apprentice on a vegetablefarm in Maine for a year after school wasmy most educational experience, Kamyarsays. He was awarded the Sustainable AgricultureAchievement Award by PracticalFarmers of Iowa in 2008, and served on theCedar Falls City Council for two terms.

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