Dear Diary May 30, 2027

  • Pete Ferrell


A futuristic diary entry.

Author Biography

Pete Ferrell

Pete Ferrell has worked at the Ferrell Ranch (establishedby his great-grandfather in 1888) basically all his life. Hewas a full-time ranch hand from 1974 to 1980, when hebecame general manager upon the death of his father. In1995, he co-founded and was president (2000) of the TallgrassPrairie Producers Cooperative, a rancher-ownedbusiness for marketing forage-finished beef. From Juneof 2004 to December of 2005, he performed the duties ofexecutive coordinator for the formation of the TallgrassBeef Company, LLC owned by Bill Kurtis of Chicago, Illinois.He is the initiator and primary landholding memberin the development of the Elk River Wind Farm, LLC.
Pete was on the Board of Directors of Ranchers Original,which is creating an aggregate supply of range cattle forbranded beef programs.

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