The Garbage Man

  • Jason Darrah


I watched his arrival through the eyes of a child. I stood breathless as he swung from his truck, huge but graceful. Wrapped in sunlight banded in silver, he was a comic book super hero come to life. After quickly emptying the can, he deftly remounted.

Author Biography

Jason Darrah

Jason Darrah was born in Sioux City,Iowa. Raised in an atmosphere dominatedby drugs and violence, he chose a pathof crime that led him to prison at the ageof sixteen. Viewing prison as an opportunityto find redemption through self-improvement,while incarcerated he dedicatedhimself to academics and to helping others.He is now certified in braille transcription,mental health first aid, guide dog training,and is a mentor for struggling souls recentlyreleased from prison. He recently receivedhis first college degree and will continue hisacademic endeavors at the University ofIowa in the Fall. Jason Darrah has been agarbage man for two years.

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